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Una linea arricchita con un complesso di  Prebiotici,  sostanze organiche di derivazione vegetale che migliorano il microbiota naturale della pelle, essenziale per difendere la barriera cutanea.

Ekos personal care is a line that contains no dangerous ingredients for the person and the environment.

Anthyllis creams are a complete line of products for daily hygiene and Skin care.

Anthyllis proposes its own line of solar products, safe for the skin and the marine environment.

Phedea Cosmetics, a line rich in precious extracts from Organic Agriculture and perfumed exclusively with Natural Essences.

Biocontè is the line of Bio Eco Cosmetics certified AIAB with safe ingredients for your delicate skin.

The new delicate line for adults and babies, characterized by the presence of a surfactant from Organic Olive Oil and extracts from Organic Agriculture.

The Ecosì line, dedicated to Personal Care, is renewed in formulations and packaging, characterized by the presence of Biological Water from Steli d’Orzo.

Nebiolina is a line of eco-friendly organic products produced by Pierpaoli for GreenHub.

A line of eco-brand products with private label, with raw materials from fair trade, produced by Pierpaoli for Liberomondo.